This list contains helpful tools related to EASE Address.


This application allows you to view EASE GLL files, run calculations and extract additional manufacturer information. The EASE GLL Viewer is free.

Note: This software requires the Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework.

Microsoft .NET framework

Should you experience error messages related to Microsoft .NET framework please download a working version from here:

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

After that, install the application onto your computer. Due to its nature the software does not have a copy protection. It may be distributed freely.

EASE Address - Distributable installer for licensed manufacturers

Size: 11MB 
Notes: This installer is intended to be used for the re-distribution of EASE Address and does not include any data files. Data files to be installed must be placed in the /data/ subdirectory. All files from this directory will be copied to the System Definitions directory of EASE Address during installation. For the convenience of the user the .NET framework as linked above should be added to the CD content as well.

The language of the software can be switched from within the program (Options, F9).

Microsoft Windows 98

Additional system updates may be required, especially for operating systems before Win2K, you can find them here:

MS Windows Updates