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Presentation by AFMG North America at ICA 2016

2016-09-12 10:00

AFMG’s North America team members Bruce Olson and Ana Jaramillo presenting their paper at ICA 2016.
AFMG NA's Bruce Olson and Ana Jaramillo

The International Congress on Acoustics, ICA, is held every 3 years in a different location world-wide. This year the conference took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina from September 5th to 9th. AFMG’s North America team members Bruce Olson and Ana Jaramillo were invited to chair a session and present a paper at this event. The session entitled Challenges and Solutions in Acoustical Measurements and Design included 26 peer-reviewed papers that were presented during the first two days of the conference with presenters e.g. from the US, Russia, Argentina, Japan, and Germany.

Ana and Bruce’s paper “Measurements for simulation of speech intelligibility in spaces with conflicting requirements” can be found in the proceedings on the ICA website.




The Teatro Colón

Following ICA, the satellite symposium ISMRA, International Symposium for Music and Room Acoustics, was held in the city of La Plata. Ana Jaramillo was also invited to be part of the international advisory committee for this event.

Highlight of the event was a visit to the famous opera house Teatro Colón where sound engineers and acousticians from across the globe could enjoy the remarkable acoustics and architecture.

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